You’re missing critical details about your target accounts

Too often, marketers and sales reps fly blind because they lack the right information on target accounts. They’re limited to standard, generic data from legacy data providers. So marketers are forced to run generic campaigns that don’t connect with potential buyers. And sales people just don’t have the details they need to connect with new prospects.

Get custom insights that drive better outcomes

RevenueBase Insights are custom columns in your revenue database tailored to your unique business needs. With RevenueBase, your marketing and sales teams will know more about target accounts. They’ll have the insight they need to prioritize the accounts with the greatest potential, pre-qualify prospects, and have engaging conversations that are more likely to convert into deals and revenue.

Your RevenueBase subscription includes:

Deal Size Insights

Too often, sales leaders can only guess at the potential of each account. If it’s even present for a given account, firmographic data such as the total employee count is often too generic to be a good proxy for deal size. And there’s no easy way to understand your penetration or “share of wallet” in an account.

RevenueBase provides custom Deal Size Insights that are specific to your market. So you can easily see the potential for each target prospect. And how much share of wallet you’re already getting from your existing customer base.

You’ll be able to help sales reps to focus on the best leads. They will able to qualify whether an inbound lead is good or not. Sales reps will understand the value of each lead, so they’ll be more eager to follow up and less likely to ignore it. Knowing that leads are more likely to be high-value, they’ll be more motivated as well.

Personalization Insights

RevenueBase Personalization Insights provide the details and background your team needs to create more engaging sales and marketing interactions. Those engaging interactions are more likely to turn into MQLs/MQAs (marketing qualified leads/marketing qualified accounts), deals, and revenue. Instead of wasting time on repetitive research, your sales team can spend more time actually engaging with prospects.

Customized to the specific requirements of your market, RevenueBase  Personalization Insights can include custom data such as:

  • Whether the company designs 3D products
  • Whether the company has a variable compensation structure for their sales people
  • Number of salespeople
  • Whether the company uses CNC machines in their factory
  • Contact center size
  • Number of countries where the company operates
  • Size of their talent acquisition team
  • Most recent funding round
  • Whether they have multiple data centers
  • Whether the company was founded by a Harvard MBA
  • Company age
  • Whether the company has remote employees
  • Whether the company has a 401k plan

What Our Customers Say

Scott Todaro

VP of Marketing, Planful

“Thanks to RevenueBase, we were able to double the number of leads we generated while cutting 60% of our demand gen spend. Today, 88% of all the meetings we set come from marketing leads.”

Eric Portugal Welsh

Director of Revenue Operations, Demostack

"RevenueBase helped us book 5x more meetings per BDR by giving us unique data filters that we were never able to get anywhere else. They allow us to target companies that are right at the center of our ideal customer profile."

Vess Bakalov

CEO, Pliant

“If you want a high-quality data partner with the level of user experience that you’ve come to expect out of cutting-edge technology companies, that’s what RevenueBase has over other data partners.”

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