Not everyone is a data expert

Sometimes it seems like everyone in sales and marketing has to be a data expert to access, understand and use third party data – but that’s not their job. Their job is to drive revenue, and data should just be an input into that process.

Get data to the people who need it

RevenueBase Data Studio gives you the tools to manage, segment, and use your revenue database so you can get the right data to your sales and marketing systems such as CRM and marketing automation. That will provide your sales and marketing teams with the most accurate, complete and up-to-date data – right from the systems they already use.

Your ops team can access data on all available companies that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP) in Data Studio. Data Studio’s powerful filtering tools will help them to prioritize and focus on the segments that matter most. And they’ll be able to continually monitor progress as your market evolves over time.

Instead of searching for organizations and contacts from a legacy data provider, your BDRs and sales reps can use the RevenueBase data that you add to your CRM or other go-to market systems. Because we mine company data from publicly available resources at scale, your revenue database is much more complete and accurate than data sourced by your BDRs. So your BDRs and sales reps can spend more time building relationships and less time conducting research.

Your RevenueBase subscription includes:

Direct Access to Your Revenue Database

Your ops team can quickly access all records and segments using advanced filter criteria.

Segment Creation, Management, and Export

Select records based on standard and custom criteria, and easily export datasets to other go-to-market systems.

Every Available Company that Matches Your ICP

See every available company that matches your ideal customer profile (ICP) in one place and instantly calculate your market size when challenged on lead quantity and/or quality.

Identifying Records for Removal

Data Studio will automatically flag when contacts leave their companies so you can easily remove them from your campaigns and go-to-market technology workflows.

What Our Customers Say

Scott Todaro

VP of Marketing, Planful

“Thanks to RevenueBase, we were able to double the number of leads we generated while cutting 60% of our demand gen spend. Today, 88% of all the meetings we set come from marketing leads.”

Eric Portugal Welsh

Director of Revenue Operations, Demostack

"RevenueBase helped us book 5x more meetings per BDR by giving us unique data filters that we were never able to get anywhere else. They allow us to target companies that are right at the center of our ideal customer profile."

Vess Bakalov

CEO, Pliant

“If you want a high-quality data partner with the level of user experience that you’ve come to expect out of cutting-edge technology companies, that’s what RevenueBase has over other data partners.”

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