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RevenueBase and Gigasheet Join Forces for Enhanced B2B Sales Intelligence!

At RevenueBase, we’re thrilled to unveil a game-changing collaboration with Gigasheet, the big data spreadsheet, marking a significant leap forward in B2B sales intelligence. This partnership aims to simplify and streamline sales and marketing efforts globally, providing professionals with a seamless solution for cleaning, verifying, and enriching contacts, curating CRM data, and preparing lists for impactful outbound campaigns.

Effortless Sales Intelligence Data Enrichment

Integrating RevenueBase’s expansive global database, boasting over 110 million business contact profiles and 2.5 million organizations, with Gigasheet’s intuitive big data spreadsheet brings a new era in sales intelligence enrichments. Users can now effortlessly enhance their leads with over 25 crucial data points, leveraging detailed, market-specific insights. Transform data from various sources into actionable datasets by simply uploading a file (CSV, XLS, JSON, TXT) and selecting RevenueBase from the Enrichments menu.

Gigasheet’s enrichment includes the following RevenueBase data points:

Cell Phone NumberFirst NameJob Location Country Region
CityLast NameJob Org Linkedin Url
Country CodeJob CountJob Start Date
Country RegionJob FunctionJob Title
Email AddressJob Is CurrentLinkedin Connections Count
Email DomainJob LevelLinkedin Headline
Email Status (Valid / Invalid)Job Location CityLinkedin Industry
About Me (LinkedIn)Job Location Country CodeLinkedin Url

What is Gigasheet? 

Gigasheet offers an easy-to-use platform for big data management and analysis, serving over 100,000 users. It allows individuals to handle and examine large datasets easily, eliminating the need for complex database software or programming skills. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an indispensable tool for business professionals across sales, marketing, and business operations teams.

Data Wrangling for Sales and Marketing Teams Made Easy

Our collaboration is centered on simplifying complex data for actionable insights. Gigasheet’s platform, with its intuitive, no-code interface, is tailor-made for sales and marketing teams. No data engineering required! 

“We at RevenueBase are thrilled to partner with Gigasheet,” said Mark Feldman, Co-founder and CEO of RevenueBase. “This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds: RevenueBase’s robust B2B data quality strengthens Gigasheet’s already impressive speed, cost-efficiency, and reliability. Together, we’re creating a game-changer for B2B data enrichment, particularly for users on platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce.”

Enriching thousands or millions of data points, a task that usually demands custom coding or managing data warehouses, is now as straightforward as using a spreadsheet. This partnership ensures that even those with basic spreadsheet skills can enrich massive datasets, allowing teams to focus on meaningful engagement without the typical data complexity.

RevenueBase: Elevating B2B Data Quality

RevenueBase stands our by providing high-quality, targeted company and contact information dedicated to boosting revenue growth. With tools for market sizing, data management, and access to pre-intent data, RevenueBase caters to the needs of sales and marketing teams. Crucially, our data is updated every month, ensuring accurate context.

The Importance of Accurate Sales Intelligence

Dealing with outdated, incomplete, or irrelevant contact data hinders sales and marketing teams. By streamlining data aggregation and enrichment, we’re not just saving time; we’re enhancing data reliability. This improved sales intelligence empowers teams to concentrate on building valuable relationships with the right customers, ultimately driving growth and success.

Getting Started with Enhanced Sales Intelligence

This integration is part of Gigasheet’s Enrichments capability, with RevenueBase as the Keyless Entry provider – meaning you get powerful data enrichment without the need for an additional license key. Start with a free Gigasheet account and receive 1,000 monthly credits. Opt for Gigasheet Premium and explore add-on credits for expanded capabilities. Our competitive pricing ensures you have the most cost-effective solution in the market – 8x-10x cheaper than alternative solutions. Additionally, Gigasheet offers Business edition subscribers automation solutions for enrichment, data transformation, preparation, and clean-up.

What’s Next?

Our partnership with RevenueBase goes beyond data integration; it’s about simplifying data management and adding sales intelligence. We’re committed to removing headaches, making it easier for revenue-focused teams to achieve their goals in today’s competitive landscape. Discover how this collaboration can elevate your sales and marketing strategies – try it for yourself today! Sign up for a free account at and receive 1,000 enrichment credits, upload a sheet of emails or LinkedIn URLs and head to the Enrichments menu and select RevenueBase.