RevenueBase for Marketing Teams

Let your campaigns work their magic, while RevenueBase takes care of your database. Say hello to the industry’s first B2B Revenue Database as a Service.

Replace all of your data vendors (and headaches) with one solution

RevenueBase is the only solution on the market that replaces your data supply chain with one complete revenue database for marketing—allowing your team to focus on creating amazing campaigns. We acquire, integrate, and update your data in one platform, all as part of a flat-rate subscription. You get the right data when you need it, without the hassle.

Revenue Archetype RevenueBase TAM

Reach every company and decision-maker in your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

With 5x more data than our competitors, RevenueBase finds every company and decision-maker that meets your Revenue Archetype (ICP and Personas). We work directly with sales and marketing teams to articulate their ideal account and customer profiles. We deliver a complete revenue database so that your campaigns reach your whole market.

How it works

Revenue Archetype Workshop

We identify your ideal customer by asking the right questions. What leads does your sales team get excited about? What leads does your sales team shun? Who are the personas in your decision-making unit? What are your green flags and red flags? What geographies and industries matter to you?

Database Buildout

Leveraging the world’s largest B2B data set (100M companies and 700M contacts), we build a B2B revenue database that meets your needs and challenges. We go through several iterations to fine-tune the finished product before delivering a complete database in one easy-to-upload file.

Quarterly Updates

Because data changes quickly (up to 67%/year), we provide updates quarterly to your database, adding new contacts, removing bad contacts, changing job titles, and adding any other new, relevant information. Updating your marketing stack can be a painful mess. We make it simple for you.