Propel your growth

Our custom data drives better sales and marketing results.

We are a data provider like no other. Our technology finds all of the best leads for your unique ideal customer profile (ICP), and provides complete organization and contact data, all in a managed database (RDaaS) that we continually update.

RevenueBase’s complete and accurate data helps you to improve sales and marketing results such as higher response rates, better connect rates, increased demo requests, higher monthly pipeline and more.

B2B Database for Marketing and Sales CustomMade Data

Companies with the RevenueBase advantage

Platform & Differentiators

We find every company in your total addressable market (TAM)

And we deliver complete organization, contact and custom insights data, all in a managed database

Your Entire ICP

Size your market to see the number of accounts by market segment, geography, or even by sales territory. Estimate deal values.

Our technology scours the web and public data to find all of the details on organizations that have the pain that you solve, even before they start searching for a solution.

  • Organization Data
  • Contact Data
  • Pre-Intent Data
  • Market Sizing

Complete & Accurate

Have confidence that your data is always accurate - without needing to merge multiple data sources or conduct periodic enrichment.

RevenueBase provides complete contact records with accurate email and mobile phone numbers, and continually updates your data with new organizations and contacts, while flagging old data for removal.

  • Pre-Enrichment Data
  • Data Management

Custom Insights

Have more engaging interactions with prospects.

RevenueBase provides custom insights that are unique to your business and enable talk track personalization, persona classification, & territory planning

  • Custom Insights

Revenue Database as a Service

Access, segment and analyze the organizations and contacts in your entire total addressable market (TAM) whenever you need to - without extra fees.

We provide a revenue database as a service (RDaaS) that is continually updated with the latest organization and contact data.

  • RevenueBase Platform
  • Data Studio

For B2B marketing teams
Increase marketing qualified leads

With customized targeting technology, we deliver the most complete and relevant B2B database for your business.

  • Replace all of your data vendors with one solution
  • Reach decision-makers before your competitors do
  • Personalize communication for better response rates
  • Lower bounce rates

For sales teams
Grow your pipeline and win more deals

We deliver pre-researched and qualified prospects directly to you, ensuring that all your leads are the best leads.

  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming prospect research so you can focus on selling
  • Establish robust sales territories with accurate and continuously updated account information
  • Maximize your efforts by selling directly to qualified buyers
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