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RevenueBase provides a revenue database as a service that delivers the data completeness and accuracy at scale to easily and successfully reach and engage with prospects

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Companies with the RevenueBase advantage

Within our first 30 days of using the new data, we achieved 1,200 e-book downloads and tripled demo requests.

Scott Todaro, CMO

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The data completeness and accuracy at scale you need to meet your revenue goals


  • Unlocks a client’s ideal customer profile through a Discovery Workshop
  • Provides scale with access to over 100 million companies and 700 million contacts worldwide
  • Delivers broad insights, including client unique, hard to find data points, that enable truly effective engagement

Data Accuracy at Scale

  • Delivers reach and engagement accuracy
  • Uses multi-point verification for greater data accuracy, combining deterministic and probabilistic methods
  • Updates data on a field-by-field basis, minimizing decay

For B2B marketing teams
Maximize your campaigns

With customized targeting technology, we deliver the most complete and relevant B2B database for your business.

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  • Replace all of your data vendors with one solution
  • Reach every company and decision-maker across the globe that will benefit from your unique offering
  • Stop wasting time managing your database and focus on creating campaigns

For sales teams
Increase your effectiveness

We deliver pre-researched and qualified prospects directly to your sales force, ensuring that all your leads are the best leads.

  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming prospect research and focus on selling
  • Establish robust sales territories with accurate and continuously updated account information
  • Maximize your efforts by selling directly to qualified buyers
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