You may be making bad decisions based on incomplete market data

Is your TAM (total addressable market) holding you back and slowing you down? Is your target market large enough to support your revenue targets? How many sales reps do you need to sell into the market? How well are you increasing your market penetration?

Market sizing consultants often provide imprecise top-down estimates that then need to be synchronized with data vendors. But most data vendors can’t provide robust TAM data because their standard firmographics are too limited. That’s why TAM exercises are often slow, expensive – and worst of all – incomplete and inaccurate.

Understand your target market

RevenueBase provides you with the details you need to understand the size and potential of your target market, including the number of accounts, deal size insights, and more. RevenueBase mines publicly available data to identify companies that fit your ideal customer profile – and we do it at scale and regularly update your data. You’ll know where to direct growth investments. You’ll maximize sales productivity. And your team will spend less time adjusting sales territories, and more time selling to new companies that fit your ICP, giving your team a head-start against the competition.

Your RevenueBase subscription includes:

Number of Accounts that Fit Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

RevenueBase delivers every available company that fits your ICP based on custom filters for your specific market, and we do it at scale. You’ll get a more accurate, detailed “bottom-up” picture of your market. You’ll get a better understanding of the market opportunity and continually monitor your market penetration as it changes.

Market Value

With RevenueBase deal size insights, you can estimate the revenue potential of your market with greater precision. You’ll get tailored deal size insights that best map to your target market so you can understand the total potential value of each account.

For example, if you were selling a sales tool, your market’s revenue potential might be driven by the number of sales people working in each company. Knowing each company’s sales person count would enable you to tally the number of sales seat licenses that the organization might purchase. Multiply that by the average selling price per seat to understand the potential per account, and by extension, the overall market.

Count of Accounts by Market Segment, Sales Region, and Sales Territory

With RevenueBase, you get a more complete picture of both the market size as well as the size of market segments, sales regions, and individual sales territories. You’ll be able to build sales territories that are more productive and equitable. And you will be able to gain sales rep buy-in by showing how each territory is target-rich.

Every Available Company that Fits Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Begin driving revenue in less time. RevenueBase streamlines the TAM process, providing you with every available company and contact that fits your ideal customer profile (ICP) – right out of the gate. The quicker you can identify your target market, the faster your team can begin marketing and selling to them, and driving actual revenue.

Ongoing Updates

With RevenueBase, you’ll always have an accurate picture of your market, even as new companies enter your ideal customer profile (ICP) and others leave your ICP. RevenueBase continually updates your company list so you won’t need to wait a year until the next update. Now you can beat the competition and begin to market and sell to new ICP accounts almost as soon as they meet your criteria for the first time.


  • Sales hiring & territories – Some clients use RevenueBase Market Sizing to understand how many sales people to hire in the coming year and into which territories.
  • Expansion potential – A CEO needed to identify the countries best suited for new expansion. Their RevenueBase database showed that the overall market was actually 75% smaller than they thought. Rather than blindly spend money pursuing a market with little potential, they adjusted their strategies and sought other types of expansion opportunities.

What Our Customers Say

Scott Todaro

VP of Marketing, Planful

“Thanks to RevenueBase, we were able to double the number of leads we generated while cutting 60% of our demand gen spend. Today, 88% of all the meetings we set come from marketing leads.”

Eric Portugal Welsh

Director of Revenue Operations, Demostack

"RevenueBase helped us book 5x more meetings per BDR by giving us unique data filters that we were never able to get anywhere else. They allow us to target companies that are right at the center of our ideal customer profile."

Vess Bakalov

CEO, Pliant

“If you want a high-quality data partner with the level of user experience that you’ve come to expect out of cutting-edge technology companies, that’s what RevenueBase has over other data partners.”

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