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That’s a Great B2B Demand Generation Campaign… Now What?

As a former VP of marketing for B2B brands, I know one of the most exciting parts of the job is bringing campaigns to life. 

Our teams work really hard to come up with ideas, partner with stakeholders throughout the business to get the messaging just right, hook up the landing pages and operational bits, and execute great creative assets. 

… Now what? 

This is the most important question revenue leaders should be ready to answer, again and again. How do we ensure our great campaign reaches its intended audience? Are we maintaining and updating our database like the strategic asset it is

You can have the best campaign in the world – but can you reach the people who matter?

Data is the #1 asset that can make or break our campaigns. 

It’s impossible to meet your campaign goals without the right data to help fuel your outreach. Whether sending targeted emails or using account-based motions, how you promote your campaign is the difference between success and wasted budget. 

Your campaigns deserve the support of a well-researched, thoughtfully targeted, and accurate Revenue Database full of your ideal customers. 

Think about the following database criteria:

  • What are the types of accounts that our campaign is intended for? 
  • Who are the right decision makers within the buying committee of those accounts? 
  • Where are they located, and how can we reach them? 

I’ve spent plenty of time as a revenue leader staring down messy, incomplete, out-of-date databases that meet none of this criteria. Our CRMs become a dumping ground for sales teams, inbound junk form fills, manual list imports, and all the other practices that every B2B organization is ashamed to admit happens. 

To focus so much time and attention on the creative elements of our campaign, and to ignore or under-invest in the underlying target audience database is a losing battle. It’s also a great way to waste our team’s time and the marketing budget we’ve worked so hard to attain. 

What good is a great campaign if it falls on deaf ears? 

Target the right audience with RevenueBase

I created RevenueBase with a sole vision in mind: to change the B2B Marketing industry and relieve revenue leaders like me from the pains of dealing with the past of bad and incomplete data. 

Finding the right data to support your campaigns can be a challenge, as there are three problems with existing list companies:

  1. They often deliver data that is out of date – like inaccurate job titles or out of date phone numbers
  2. Their contact and company data is inconsistently verified
  3. Their targeting criteria doesn’t align with your specific, niche market needs

We use our Revenue Archetype Method to identify the right decision makers and companies that need your products and services, and our Revenue Database as a Service model regularly maintains data quality so that it’ll always be ready for your campaigns. 

Ready to target your right audience with our B2B Contact Database? Request a demo with us here: