shape_1.pngB2B Database for Marketing and Sales CustomMade Data

Meet your B2B sales and marketing database needs. All in one place.

RevenueBase delivers a complete revenue database to drive revenue growth.

B2B Database for Marketing and Sales CustomMade Data

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Access the industry's largest and most accurate B2B database for marketing and sales

When data quality improves and database size increases, revenue grows. We offer 5x more data than our competitors—data that is high-quality, accurate, and aligned with your marketing and sales strategy.
Contact profiles
Company profiles

For B2B marketing teams
Maximize your campaigns

With customized targeting technology, we deliver the most complete and relevant B2B database for your business.

  • Replace all of your data vendors with one solution
  • Reach every company and decision-maker across the globe that will benefit from your unique offering
  • Stop wasting time managing your database and focus on creating campaigns

For sales teams
Increase your effectiveness

We deliver pre-researched and qualified prospects directly to your sales force, ensuring that all your leads are the best leads.

  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming prospect research and focus on selling
  • Establish robust sales territories with accurate and continuously updated account information
  • Maximize your efforts by selling directly to qualified buyers

What we offer

The B2B data industry is dominated by traditional companies with one-size-fits-all lists full of inaccurate information. We are the next generation: a Revenue Database as a Service that generates leads and drives growth.

All-in-one solution

A complete system to acquire, integrate, and update data

Complete coverage

Access to 5x more global entities and business decision-makers



Direct dial phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses


Contact and account information that is verified regularly


Information that is backed by our quality guarantee


Experts to customize, focus, and scale your database

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