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RevenueBase Secures $6M in Seed Funding to Revolutionize B2B Data Solutions for Sales and Marketing Teams

RevenueBase Secures $6M in Seed Funding to Revolutionize B2B Data Solutions for Sales and Marketing Teams

Co-Founders Mark Feldman and Milenko Beslic team up with Bessemer Venture Partners to build the most complete, accurate, and easy-to-use B2B data solution in the world

BOSTON – APRIL 6, 2022 – RevenueBase, the next generation B2B SaaS data solution for sales and marketing teams, today announced their $6 million seed round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. The funding round includes investors from ten venture capital firms who will work alongside RevenueBase’s founders Mark Feldman and Milenko Beslic to further expand its offering. 

RevenueBase, which officially launched in the Spring of 2021, was founded on the principle that the B2B data market is incredibly flawed. Companies have significant trouble finding and engaging with people in their ideal customer profile. The founders of RevenueBase saw an opportunity to create a solution that not only provides essential contact information, but also enables strong engagement – the ultimate win. 

“We saw a whitespace for a company like RevenueBase, especially given that we’ve seen little real innovation or change in this market over the past decade leading business people to be bombarded with impersonal and poorly-targeted messages multiple times a day.  This situation has been made worse by ‘The Great Resignation,’ during which so many people have left their positions and the data hasn’t kept up with those changes,” said Feldman. “Milenko and I knew that we could build a better solution to make it easier for companies to access more buyers in order to increase revenue. We do this by providing information others don’t, such as customer-specific insights, up-to-date role information (what do they actually do), and technographics. We’re excited to have the support of great investors who are on board with our vision.”

RevenueBase delivers value in three key ways; completeness of data, data accuracy at scale and ease. The company is highly involved in understanding its clients, conducting proprietary discovery workshops that unlock a client’s ideal customer profile, and then combing through more than 700 million contacts globally to deliver reach, using multi-point verification for better data accuracy, which ultimately leads to a connection or engagement. This is made possible in part by RevenueBase’s use of graph technology to better understand the relationships between seemingly unrelated data points. RevenueBase customers receive all of this information with ease, using the solution as a one-stop-shop and replacing the need to source data from multiple providers who may not be updating their databases as frequently as RevenueBase. 

“In our short time working with RevenueBase, we’ve already seen such an incredible lift in our reach, which is what we had been craving for a long time,” said Clint Poole, CMO at Egress. “We’ve been trying to understand the people we want to reach on a deeper level. Working with RevenueBase, we are able to clearly define our ideal customer profile and translate that into effective outreach that connects and ultimately drives our business forward. We are thrilled with our partnership and foresee it only growing stronger as they focus on further innovation.”

Since its founding in May of 2021, RevenueBase has already secured 20 clients, including Plannuh, Egress Software, Forj, Pliant and others primarily in the SaaS and technology industries. With this first round of funding, RevenueBase will focus on bringing its advantages to more companies as well as improving the breadth and scale of data provided to current customers through investments in product, sales, and marketing.

“We think the opportunity to be the B2B data refinement layer powering growth-oriented companies is massive,” said Kent Bennett, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, “We are impressed with RevenueBase’s early traction and Mark’s and Milenko’s appetite to transform the B2B data industry.”  

Additional investors in this seed round included 2 Lanterns, Argon Ventures, Converge, Feldsmith Capital, Good Friends, Graph Ventures, Gutbrain Ventures, KOA Labs, PBJ Capital, and Service Provider Capital. Kent Bennett, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, Bob Davoli, Founder and Managing Director of GutBrain and Jude McColgan, former CEO of Localytics, will all join the Board of Directors in an effort to ensure continued growth and reinvestment for RevenueBase.

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