Organizations that you care about
RevenueBase’s generative AI technology scours the web and public data, and combines it with the industry’s most accurate underlying company and contact data. It finds companies with the exact pain you solve, even before they search for a solution.

  • Organization Data – Get a complete view of your market so that marketing and sales teams focus on the correct accounts (and none of the wrong ones). RevenueBase collects data based on bespoke targeting, and your data is always complete, fresh, global, and can be segmented to your needs.
  • Contact Data – Reach the right decision-makers worldwide based on your buyer personas, with accurate email addresses, direct and mobile phone numbers, and LinkedIn URLs.
  • Market Sizing – With access to your market, you can easily find new prospects, understand your market penetration, and see the number of qualified accounts by market segment, geography, or sales territory.

Complete & Accurate
RevenueBase provides complete contact records with accurate email and mobile phone numbers and continually updates your data with new organizations and contacts while flagging outdated records for removal.

  • Pre-Enrichment Data – Gain all the insights upfront for organizations and people in your market. Your data comes pre-enriched so you can kiss your data enrichment bills goodbye.
  • Data Management – Your entire revenue database is kept up to date, including fresh people and organizations, updates to fields that have changed, and people who have left their organization are flagged for removal. Say goodbye to data management headaches once and for all!

RevenueBase provides organization and contact insights that are unique to your business, so you can have better conversations with the right prospects and close more deals.

  • Pre-Intent Data – Instead of waiting for buyers to exhibit intent, RevenueBase finds the organizations that already have the challenges you can solve. Drill down further to identify organizations with the highest potential to drive profitable revenue.
  • Custom Insights – In addition to standard firmographics and technographics, get deal size and personalization insights unique to your business that enable territory planning, talk track personalization, and persona classification. Diverse custom insights are available such as the size of the sales force or call center, the most recent funding round, whether the organization designs 3D products, has a variable compensation structure for their sales people, or has a 401k plan, for example.

Revenue Database as a Service
RevenueBase provides a revenue database as a service that is continually updated, along with tools that help you to easily access and utilize data whenever you need it.

  • Data Studio – Gives you the tools to manage, segment, and use your revenue database so you can get the right data to your sales and marketing systems such as CRM and marketing automation.
  • System of Record for your Market – Your market data lives in a cloud database that we manage and regularly update with new contacts, updates to existing contacts, and flagging of outdated records.

For B2B Marketing Teams

Increase marketing qualified leads

With customized targeting technology, we deliver the most complete and relevant custom B2B contact database for your business.

  • Replace all of your B2B contact data vendors with one solution
  • Reach decision-makers before your competitors do
  • Personalize communication for better response rates
  • Lower bounce rates

For B2B Sales Teams

Grow your pipeline and win more deals

We deliver pre-researched and qualified prospects directly to you, ensuring that all your leads are the best leads.

  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming prospect research so you can focus on selling
  • Establish robust sales territories with accurate and continuously updated account information
  • Maximize your efforts by selling directly to qualified buyers

A Complete Revenue Database as a Service Solution
Our Process: We make it easy

Revenue Archetype

  • Market segments
  • Identify your Ideal
    Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Define your personas
  • Insights to help you
    segment, size deals,
    prioritize and more


  • Companies that
    match your ICP
  • Contact profiles that
    align to your
  • Complete and

Database Updates

  • New companies that match
    your ICP
  • New contact profiles that
    align to your personas
  • Changes to existing contact
    and company profiles

Competitive Comparison

Build your database by geography and job function.

With 5x more data than the competition, RevenueBase finds every company and decision-maker across the globe that meets your ideal customer profile.

We provide a one-stop data solution for businesses. Unlike traditional data vendors that provide lists, RevenueBase delivers a complete and accurate revenue database for marketing and sales. We help you reach every company and business person who matters in your sales cycle.

PROACTIVEProactive: Automatically finds organizations & contacts based on your custom criteriaReactive: Requires ops and BDRs to search for organizations and contacts
SCALABLEHighly scalable: Get maximum data with minimal BDR researchNot scalable: Continual list buying requires data management, extensive BDR research, and still leaves holes in the data
PRE-INTENTPre-intent: Get all potential buyers before they signal intentIntent: Limited to the small percentage of organizations exhibiting buying signals; includes many false positives
PRE-ENRICHMENTContinuous: Automated pre-enrichment for more accurate dataOn-demand: Traditional enrichment leads to data decay and is expensive because of the ongoing expense and unnecessary enrichment of data that shouldn't be there in the first place; enrichment also misses a lot of companies and contacts due to poor match rates
BREADTHHard to find, unique custom data – at scaleLimited to "out-of-the-box" data