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Plannuh Sees ROI with RevenueBase in Just 30 Days

Plannuh lives and breathes ROI. The cloud-based Marketing Leadership system allows CMO’s and their department leaders to align teams, optimize budgetary spend, and exceed organizational goals. The Plannuh platform and their deep knowledge of the industry gives them a unique perspective on measuring ROI from marketing investments, including True ROI and Value per Outcome.

Scott Todaro joined the team at Plannuh as their new CMO with a mission to scale their marketing and demand generation initiatives. Following the completion of a growth capital round, Scott understood that finding a B2B contact database partner—one that would deliver highly accurate and targeted contacts and accounts—would be key to achieving revenue growth. “When I came in, the team was relying completely on leads from inbound marketing,” Todaro remembered. “While the lead volume got us to where we were, I understood that we were not getting nearly enough leads to achieve our higher growth goals.”

Plannuh initiated a pilot project with RevenueBase a to acquire quality contact data. “The results of our pilot were tremendous,” recalled Todaro, “Within our first 30 days of using the new data, we achieved 1,200 e-book downloads and 53 demo requests. Our response rates in the first month were 6.7% on our e-book offer with 0.5% converting to a demo, with one deal closing, which more than covered the cost of the pilot.”

The positive results of this test use made Todaro’s decision easy. Plannuh signed RevenueBase as their B2B database provider.

Success by the Numbers

The Plannuh platform itself calculates target cost per outcome (CPO), which is the cost to generate a lead, and return on investment (ROI), which compares what was spent to generate a dollar of new ARR. Here are the numbers for their RevenueBase investment: 

CPO: Plannuh spent $7.50 per lead for 1,200 e-book downloads.

ROI: Plannuh achieved a 60% return on investment within 30 days from its purchase of RevenueBase.

Plannuh’s before and after marketing conversion rates further show significant ROI:

Email conversion rate
(e-book downloads as a % of emails sent)
Demo conversion rate
(Customer demos generated as a % of emails sent)
(with an opt-in list)
(with a purchased list)
Number of customer demos generated / month1553

The RevenueBase Difference

“In my 28 years in various marketing roles, I have worked with a good number of data providers with mixed results. After speaking with RevenueBase, I could tell immediately that they were different,” Todaro shares. “First, they spent a full hour defining our target audience at an extremely detailed level. That is the genius behind the data you get from them. Super clean data for contacts and companies that match perfectly with the defined target audience. The database we got from them paid dividends within one day of having it. They were very easy to work with and their delivery was lightning fast.”

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