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RevenueBase Secures $6M in Funding Led by Bessemer Venture Partners. What does this Investment Mean for Our Customers and the Industry?

RevenueBase Secures $6M in Funding Led by Bessemer Venture Partners. What does this Investment Mean for Our Customers and the Industry?

RevenueBase has raised its Series Seed funding round from a supportive group of investors led by Kent Bennett at Bessemer Venture Partners. You can read the full Press Release here.

What does this investment mean for our customers and the industry?

We are thrilled about what this investment means for our customers as we accelerate our plans in several key areas:

RevenueBase B2B Contact Data Web Application Job #1 is to make RevenueBase completely self-serve and directly integrated with your sales and marketing technology. We will roll out our web application to our customers and add additional self-service and customization capabilities over time.

Data – We are investing heavily in expanding our ability to deliver custom insights that are updated on a more frequent basis. Our goal is to maintain the industry’s largest and most accurate source of data to fuel revenue growth, period. 

Support resources – We will provide you with best practices as well as templates and playbooks so that you can make your campaigns more personalized and achieve even greater conversion rates.

Why RevenueBase?

We are fully aware that the B2B industry is overcrowded with B2B data vendors. But they all suffer from one fatal flaw: bad data quality. To grow a B2B company 5 or 10 years ago, you could go to a data vendor, buy a list, and then make some cold calls or send out a series of “blast” email campaigns. That doesn’t work anymore.

When modern sales and marketing technologies are fueled with bad data, it results in buyers being bombarded with clutter that is not well-targeted or personalized. Buyers are annoyed and revenue growth suffers. Salespeople have adapted and now spend hours a day doing prospect research on the web or Linkedin. We feel that salespeople should be spending their time working with customers rather than trying to solve their company’s data problems.

Bad Data is a Thing of the Past

For RevenueBase’s customers, bad data is a thing of the past. This funding, with the incredible feedback we’ve received from revenue leaders in our customer base, validates our unique strengths:

  • We created a data platform that allows any B2B company to have an always-accurate database with a long tail of custom customer-specific insights. 
  • RevenueBase not only enables sales and marketing teams to reach buyers who have a need for their product or service but also enables them to engage with buyers in a more personalized way. The result is a win-win for both our customers and their buyers: buyers receive highly relevant and personalized offers, and our customers achieve 3x-5x conversion rates while each team member gains hours a day in productivity.
  • To deliver our product at scale, we are building RevenueBase using next-generation database technologies and methods. Powered by a graph database architecture, RevenueBase collects and stores information in a more natural and connected manner that allows infinite customization, and lightning-fast queries, and is designed from the ground up for machine learning and analytics.

Join the movement towards personalization

If you’re passionate about reaching and engaging with more prospects while saving your sales and marketing team’s time, request a demo of RevenueBase today.