Get a 360-Degree View of Buyers and Their Mobile Development Needs

Industry-specific insights allow you to make better decisions about how to manage your sales pipeline, target key accounts with tailored messaging, and focus your sales & marketing efforts:

  • Mobile App Popularity Insights: Get details on ratings, review counts, and downloads, so you can understand how popular a developer’s app is.
  • Mobile App Update Frequency: Track the Apple App Store and Google Play Store update counts to gauge the company’s commitment to app maintenance and improvement.
  • Mobile App Category Information: Get data on the Google Play store and Apple App Store categories, helping you understand the company’s market segment and competition.
  • Mobile App Development Team Insights: Understand the company’s tech prowess with data on iOS Dev Count, Android Dev Count, Total Engineer Count, and QA Count.

And many more mobile app developer insights are on the way!

RevenueBase Data Studio

Beat the Competition to Market

Experience unparalleled speed-to-market with RevenueBase. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to swiftly execute Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies and adapt to changes in your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) can make all the difference.

With RevenueBase, you get readily accessible go-to-market data at your fingertips, enabling faster decision-making and agile responses to market shifts.

Whether you’re sizing up your Total Addressable Market (TAM), considering industry or regional expansion, automating territory assignments, launching new campaigns, or aiming to reduce sales cycle times, RevenueBase is your trusted partner. Leverage our cutting-edge platform and gain a competitive edge with speed that sets you apart.


Supercharge Your Sales Team With a Continuous Flow of High-Quality Leads

RevenueBase guarantees your sales and marketing campaigns provide an endless supply of pre-qualified leads that perfectly match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), enabling you to maximize sales effectiveness and ROI. Benefit from our market-specific ICP database and custom filters, designed to streamline your go-to-market strategies with superior data management and delivery.

Achieve Operational Excellence

RevenueBase streamlines data acquisition, integration, and management. We equip you with the accounts, contacts, and insights to make data-driven decisions for territory planning, lead scoring, deal sizing, and Total Addressable Market (TAM) sizing, ensuring your strategies are always razor-sharp and effective.

You can effortlessly scale your company and contact database, eliminate multiple data vendors, and reduce data-related costs and time investments – all while focusing on growing your business. Your journey towards amplified revenue and streamlined operations starts here.

The RevenueBase Difference

Elite Data Team

Discover the power of our people, always on standby to fuel your success. We guarantee swift responses, crystal-clear communication, and advice that’s custom-fit to your needs. Committed to amplifying your growth and tackling data challenges proactively, we’re more than a data vendor; we’re your partner in success. Join us, and experience the extraordinary potential of your business brought to life.

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Transparent, Flat-Rate Pricing

Say goodbye to hidden costs and ‘credit anxiety.’ Our flat-rate pricing covers everything, from a comprehensive market-specific database, unlimited company and contact data downloads, deliverable email addresses, mobile numbers, insights, data management, and CRM integrations to ensure your team has easy access to the right data in the right place. Enjoy predictability in your tech stack budgeting, allowing you to focus on scaling your strategy with ease.

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Seamless Data Management

Elevate your go-to-market strategies with our superior data management system. We ensure clean, relevant and up-to-date data right within your CRM workflow. Data is gathered from diverse sources, verified for accuracy, and job and company changes are tracked over time. You get regular data updates with new companies and contacts, updates to existing data, and contacts who have left their companies are flagged for suppression.

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