Your data is decaying

Every year an average of 25% of the population changes jobs so your data is rapidly decaying. Before long, your sales and marketing processes will slow to a crawl as sales struggles with inaccurate data that is outdated or missing information, and marketing campaigns lose effectiveness.

Save time: get current data, properly categorized

With proper data management practices, sales and marketing teams will spend less time managing data and more time while improving effectiveness – which contributes to revenue growth. RevenueBase incorporates rigorous data management, ensuring that complete and accurate data is always accessible to you.

Your RevenueBase subscription includes:

CRM Integration

RevenueBase integrates seamlessly with both Salesforce and Hubspot. Through our complementary white-glove integration, our team will help you set up your CRM integration in less than 2 hours, so you’re only syncing company and contact data your go-to-market team cares about.


Your CRM integration includes:

  • White glove integration set-up
  • Monthly data updates
  • Ability to sync unlimited records
  • Ability to sync 100+ B2B attributes

Monthly data updates

RevenueBase automatically updates your data on an ongoing basis, so you’ll always have fresh data you can count on. Your CRM and go-to-market systems will have clean data. You’ll never have to buy a list, merge and dedupe new lists, or clean your data again. Monthly updates include:

  • New companies and contacts
  • Contacts who leave the company and are flagged for removal
  • Updated insights
  • Global field updates based on macro changes

Over 100 Available B2B Attributes

RevenueBase provides the data points you need including, employees, estimated revenue, headquarters location, current job title, accurate contact information, and many more. Every record comes pre-enriched so you won’t pay extra for enrichment, or need to upload or merge your data for enrichment.

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What Our Customers Say

Scott Todaro

VP of Marketing, Planful

“Thanks to RevenueBase, we were able to double the number of leads we generated while cutting 60% of our demand gen spend. Today, 88% of all the meetings we set come from marketing leads.”

Eric Portugal Welsh

Director of Revenue Operations, Demostack

"RevenueBase helped us book 5x more meetings per BDR by giving us unique data filters that we were never able to get anywhere else. They allow us to target companies that are right at the center of our ideal customer profile."

Vess Bakalov

CEO, Pliant

“If you want a high-quality data partner with the level of user experience that you’ve come to expect out of cutting-edge technology companies, that’s what RevenueBase has over other data partners.”

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